Photos By Serendipity Sara Evans​

Professionally trained in digital photography, Sara incorporates a fine art feel with commercial quality in every shot she take. When asked what her subject is, Nouns, People, Places, Things? She responds by photographing who people are, not what they look like. She captures ordinary objects in a perspective that  harnesses the essence & feeling of life.  

Paintings By Hugo Marino

 Hugo Marino is an artist by excellence and painter in nature. The artist is inserted into the genre of lyrical abstraction where the chromaticity, texture, area, and line, form part of a unified whole that evokes imaginary landscapes full in light, in the most cases with a major force in the brushwork and the contrast ratio between colors. He also has addressed issues related to a very abstract view of landscape and particularly in recent times he has been motivated by the signs of urbanism, fences, walls, and floors that have left the imprint of time and man. 

Fine Art By Samantha Belfeld ​Paintings and Drawings

 Sam Is a self taught artist from Michigan, who has made Arizona her home. She practices art on a daily basis. She take inspiration from such artists as Frida Kahlo and Edward Munch. Sam believes that Art is soul therapy.

Jewelry By Earth Cure

Jewelry By Roxanne Dubois

Natures Chemist Skin Care Products

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Raw 33 Body Care Products

 Body Scrubs 

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 Bath Bombs

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